Volunteer work

Proposed activities


We organise structured activities that is a combination of creative and regular tasks.

We plan to employ our volounteers 35 hours a week. We involve volounteers into planning, preparation, and fulfilment.

Our institution provides employment and rehabilitation to changed capacity and disabled people.

Besides of employment the menthal and social support is also part of our task.


Our most important task is the development of accessible environment. Within this we plan to create new community spaces.

We intend to create an open-air public space, where we can provide catering, hosting up to 30 people. We would like to create a place with tools that are suitable for cooking, and baking, benches, tables, packing, bathroom  and water giving units.


The most determining part of our developments is the creature of bio gardening.

We would be able to provide healthy food to our colleagues who have damaged health, it would be the most important element of their rehabilitation.

Volounteers are welcome to plan and design a bio farm.


In the first month everyone will have the possibility to try different works, and they have to decide after the try-out, which one they want to continue with until they stay here as volounteer.

We make working a joinery and press of small capacity with the work of disabled and damaged health people.

We gladly host those volounteers, who would like to work in these fields. 

We have skilled colleagues in both profession, volounteers would be able to learn from them, and gaining professional experience.


In the joinery developer games, canonical objects and articles for personal use are prepared.


We develop constantly our products, and put emphasize to display and sell them.


Volounteers who look for such above mentioned activites are welcome.


Volounteers have the possibility to elaborate an own idea, how to prepare a product, with the help of a designer, and marketing expert, we can ensure these two experts within another granted project.



They will have 35 hours commitment each week, out of which the working hours are about 30 hours, we plan that Monday and Wednesday they will work also after lunch 2,5 hours. Tuesday they will have the possibility to participate a training (communication and conflict handling) and Hungarian language course. 

We encourage our  EVS volounteers to keep contact with other EVS volunteers whenever possible.

We arrange them language learning opportunities and support them undertaking language courses.



We will ogranise meetings, discussion with Greenpeace that could be also interesting for them once in a month on Tuesday afternoon.


Every day after working and training hours but before dinner, they will have to the possibility to do sport activities like boccia,  biking or just simply walking and hiking in the nature.

We can help them renting bike and we can offer them a tour leader too.


Thursday we organise them a individual talk with their external mentors. We have two external mentors one of them is a clerical speaking very good English, the other one is director of the school next to our institution, speak very good German too.


Friday we will have a meeting about work, when we close the week, evaulate it what they prefer, what they did not like. If there are problematic issues, or something go wrong, we listen to their ideas, opinions and try to change them.

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