American volountariness

Public utility volounteer activity is a kind of work at a given host organisation means -defined by scope of activities in law – that is achieved free of charge.


Volountariness has many forms: from the smallest help, until the organised volountary activity, and aiming the professional experience gaining (not for obtaining financial benefit) activity executed for longer run, could be volountary work too.


Our volounteer at present participates in the help of our institution’s inhabitants, and take basic English class them; twice a week goes to the town’s evangelic kinder garden, and help to attend children in the family day care center. She spends one afternoon weekly in the town’s school.

As we host regulary volounteers from the USA, we know the procedure of the administration.

We ensure a volounteer to each mentor, we employ a coordinator, and each working phase, is controlled by the given technicians.

We hold weekly once evaluation, where the problem proposal, evaluation, and decision making happen.


Volountary works

The aspect of the institution let us take care of our colleagues actual menthal and physical condition during the task. This attitude is provided to volounteers such as uniquely tailored work. Our institution has employment rehabilitation. Besides employment our aim is to develop our colleagues psychical, social, and economical way.

Volounteers will help to improve the accessible environment, participate in the establishment and operation of the eco gardening, in the creature of community spaces, in the organisation of collectivity developing programs, they participate in different territories of employment (such as press, joinery, gardening and park maintenance). We expect they share their experience, through them we can learn more about the sender organisations, and we can establish active corporation with their organisations.

Volounteers will learn more about different aspects of rehabilitation such as health, employment, and know more about vocations working at us.

We would like to host volounteers who are able to participate in the physical part of the work, who have interest in our activities, and who are not averse to disability.

During recruitment and selecting it is an important point of view, they have to work with them and each other during their stay.


They have to show a kind of complementarity, so in this way we can give more and more serious tasks what they can achieve independently too.

We regard the proactivity, and initiative with high priority, as a desired point of view.

We intend to establish intense contact openly through digital surfaces, and advance conciliation.

Our institution regard with priority to the secure and legitimate work.

We have a colleauge who is responsible for the fire and work protection, and we have a physician of ’employment and health care’. We take into consideration the aspect of the work and the employee’s situation, skills, when we give them work we give it personally tailored way.

We handle conflict with experts, we have two external mentors, and each volounteer will have a mentor, (personal helper) within our institution.


Press activity

We try to start again or traditons on the field of editing and publishing too. We have a periodical called ’Soul shepherd’, we have a new colleague, typographer Ferenc Bohner he prepared it

Who does not know too much about publishing cannot imagine what an exhaustive and deaminding work it is, in order to have a complete print, we need to set it, proof-reading, photocomposition, cutting, set the maching, case, cutting after tacking, and wrapping.

As we cannot do all the phases on site, our typographer has a some logistic tasks too.

Solving  the initial difficulties the Charitiy service is able to ensure constitutive and creative work to their employees.

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